Family Sheet for Richard P. Clark & Mary Slater


(Conrad W. Terrill, last updated 11 Dec. 2011)


Richard P.E Clark


b. 14 March 1801 E, MD A

d. 11 Feb 1864 aged 63 years E, (17 Feb. 1864, near Texas, Balto. Co., MD) L


m. Mary Slater, on or shortly after 20 Apr. 1837 O (Slatter) N

b. 3 Jul. 1808 E, MD A

d. 1 Apr. 1892 aged 84 years E, (her residence was near Cockeysville) F




1. Henry Clark

b. 14 Feb. 1838, MD N

d. 14 Aug. 1908, Balto., MD N

m. Annie E. Galloway M, ~1870 P

b.  May 1840, MD P

One child, not living in 1900 P

(Dealer in lime & cement in 1900) Q  (Civil War veteran, got his arm shot off) D  (Corporal, Co. G, 1st Md. Vol. Inf., wounded in arm at battle of Weldon Rail Road, 18 Aug. 1864, amputated next day) K


2. Elizabeth A.Q Clark

b. 1839/40, MD A (Apr. 1840) Q (14 Apr. 1840) R

d. 19 Feb. 1914, Balto. Co.. MD R

m. ~1865 Q, Edward A. Sparks H (“Ned”) C

b. ~1832, MD H (Dec. 1837) Q (1 Dec. 1836) R (Blacksmith) H  (Farmer in 1900) Q

d. 14 Fe. 1905, Balto. Co., MD R


i. Richard Sparks (b. ~1867) H

ii. Laurance Sparks (b. Dec. 1869) H

iii. Ernest Sparks (b. ~1872) J

iv. Bettie Sparks (b. ~1874) J

v. Lottie Sparks &

vi. Eddie Sparks (twins, b. Nov. 1879) J

vii. Ernest H. Sparks (b. Jan. 1872) Q

viii. Marion C. Sparks (b. Mar. 1886) Q


3. Benjamin Clark

b. 1843/44, MD A



4. Robert Clark                                     (see Robert Clark family sheet for more detail)

b. 16 Aug. 1847, Balto. Co., MD (1844/45) A

d. 3 May 1929, bur. Cockeysville

m. Adeline Wittkopf, 1875

b.  Oct. 1853, Detroit, MI

d. 2 Feb. 1932, Lutherville, MD, bur. Cockeysville


i. Harry Richard Clark (b. 1877)

ii. August Wittkopf Clark (b. 1879)

iii. Elinor Mary Clark (b. 1882)

iv. Grace Lillian Clark (b. 1883)

v. Lelia May Clark (b. 1886)

vi. Robert Otto Clark (b. 1887)

vii. George Benjamin Clark (b. 1897)

viii. Nora Clark


5. Charlotte Clark

b. 1848/49, MD A


m. Charlie Oriell C


6. Ella B. (Bernard)I (“Nellie”) C Clark

b. 30 May 1852 E,R (Texas, Balto. Co., MD) R

d. 1 Sep. 1898 E,R (Balto. Co., MD) R

m. George Zink C (“Bud”) R

b. 23 May 1854; d. 27 Mar. 1925 E  (b. ~1852, MD) H  (Balto. Co., MD) R

d. 27 Mar. 1925, Balto. Co., R


i. Georgia Zink I B. E (1882-1969) E

ii. Mary Zink I (1884-1957) E

iii. Lula Zink I (1882-1931)

iv. Benjamin Clark Zink I (1886-1957) E

v. John Henry Zink I (1889-1952)

vi. Ruth Zink I (1893-1975)

vii. Charlotte Zink I

(Any others unknown)




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