Records history for Elizabeth Clark & Thomas Galloway


(Conrad W. Terrill, last updated 6 Nov. 2012)


Summary of family:

  Thomas Galloway, b. ~1797/8 (per 1850)

  Elizabeth (Clark) Galloway, b. ~1800-1804  (since m. 1822, and per 1830, 1840)

    John Galloway, b. ~1822/3 (per 1850)

    Aquilla Galloway, b. ~1825/6 (per 1850)

    son1, b. ~1825-30 (per 1830, d. bef. 1840?)

    Elizabeth Galloway, b. 1828, d. 1829 (per tombstone)

    Thomas Galloway, b. 1829, d. 1831 (per tombstone)

    Ann Galloway, b. ~1831/2 (per 1850)


Birth date for Elizabeth:

1820: 16-25, so b. 1794-1804, assuming this person in the John Clark household was her

1822: (married)

1830: 20-29, so b. 1800-1810

1840: 30-39, so b. 1800-1810

Upshot: b. 1800-1804


Birth date for Thomas Galloway

1830: 30-40, so b. 1789-1800

1840: 40-49, so b. 1790-1800

1850: 52 so b. betw. 2 Jun. 1797 and 1 Jun. 1798

1860: 61, so b. betw. 2 Jun. 1798 and 1 Jun. 1799

Upshot: b. ~1798


1822-10-02: Elizabeth Clark m. Thomas Galloway, 2 Oct. 1822, Balto. Co.  (marriage license?)

Source Information:  Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp.. Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.


1829-05-06: Tombstone, “In memory of / Elizabeth / daughter of / Tho. and Elizabeth / Galloway / who departed this life May 6, 1829 / aged 11 months 19 days”.  Old Cemetery, St. John the Evangelist (Saint Johns on the Ridge), Carroll Manor Road, Hydes, Balto. Co., MD, transcribed by Clarence Joerndt, recorded in "Baltimore Cemeteries, Volume I: Northern Baltimore County," collected by the Baltimore County Historical Society. As of 1986 and Sept 2009, this headstone is no longer evident in the cemetery.  Find A Grave Memorial# 42576829, created by Chris Deaver, record added 1 Oct. 2009.  This was the original cemetery for St. Johns on the Ridge.  A wooden church stood on the site from 1822 until it burned down in 1855.  As of Sep. 2009 only two carved headstones remain visible, along with a few footstones and a number of graves marked by uncut fieldstones.  {Thomas Galloway and Elizabeth Clark were probably married in this church.  The existing records start from after the fire in 1855.}


1830-xx-xx:  1830 US Census, Dist. 2, Balto. Co., MD, Thomas Galloway:

Free white males:: < 5:                      3              (Aquilla, ~4, Thomas, ~1, + ?)

 5-10:                                               1              (John, ~8)

 30-40:                                             1              (Thomas himself?)

 40-50:                                             1              (Thomas himself?)

Free white females: 20-30:                2              (Elizabeth, ~? + ?)

 80-90:                                             6              (?)

 100+:                                              2              (?)

Slaves, male, 10-24:                         2

 24-36:                                             1

 36-55:                                             1

Free colored females < 10:               1

Source Citation: 1830 US Census; Census Place: District 2, Baltimore, Maryland; Page: 58; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 55; Family History Film: 0013178.  ( image)


1831-03-29: Tombstone, “In memory of Thomas son of / Tho. and Elizabeth / was born Nov. 11th, 1829 / and died March 29th, 1831 / aged 1 year 4 months and 18 days” (The last digit in the year is hard to read).  Probably the son of Tho. and Elizabeth Galloway.  Old Cemetery, St. John the Evangelist (Saint Johns on the Ridge), Carroll Manor Road, Hydes, Balto. Co., MD, transcribed by Clarence Joerndt, recorded in "Baltimore Cemeteries, Volume I: Northern Baltimore County," collected by the Baltimore County Historical Society. As of 1986 and Sept 2009, this headstone is no longer evident in the cemetery.  Find A Grave Memorial# 42576903, created by Chris Deaver, record added 1 Oct. 2009.


1840-xx-xx:  1840 US Census, Dist. 2, Balto. Co., MD, Thomas Galloway:

Free white males:: 10-14:                  1              (Aquilla, ~14)

 15-19:                                             1              (John, ~17)

 40-49:                                             1              (Thomas himself, ~42)

Free white females: 5-9:                    1              (Ann, ~8)

 30-39:                                             1              (Elizabeth, ~35-40)

 70-79:                                             1              (?)

Free colored females, 36-54:            1

Slaves, male < 10:                            2

 24-35:                                             2

 55-99:                                             1

Slaves, female < 10:                          1

 24-35:                                             1

Persons in agriculture:                       5

Source Citation: Year: 1840; Census Place: District 2, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: 162; Page: 63; Image: 576; Family History Library Film: 0013182.  ( image)


1843—01-31: Balto. Sun, 31 Jan. 1843, p. 2: Died. “On the 28th inst., Aquilla Galloway, Senr., of Baltimore, in the 75th year of his age.”  (Thomas Galloway’s father, according to George Clark.)


1844-03-22: Balto. Sun, 22 Mar. 1844, p. 2: Died: “On the 21st inst., AQUILLA GALLOWAY, Jr., in the 3t7the [sic] year of his age.”  (Thomas Galloway’s brother?)


1848-10-17: Balto. Sun, 17 Oct. 1848, p. 1: “FOR SALE, in Baltimore county, a small FARM, containing from 60 to 80 Acres of Land, in a good state of cultivation and watered by never failing Springs of pure water; has a thriving young Orchard of Apple Trees.  The Improvements are a two story LOG HOUSE, and brick Spring House.  The said Farm adjoins that of Judge Nesbit, within a half mile of the Balto. and Susque’a railroad, and York turnpike.  Also, a Tract of Land in Allegany county, Md., containing 181 Acres, situated within 2 miles of the National road, and 27 miles from Cumberland.  For further particulars apply to THOMAS GALLOWAY, Baltimore county, Md.”


1849-06-04: Balto. Co. LR, vol. AWB 414 pp. 389-392: Thomas Galloway purchased 443+ acres (in Texas, Balto. Co.) from Charles A. & Ann L. (nee Ann Lux Cockey) Buchanan, for $7882.54, $2000 of which was paid by a mortgage naming Elizabeth as Thomas’s wife.  So Elizabeth was still alive at this time.  John Clark purchased 23+ acres for $1290.78 from the Buchanans on this same day, bordering this property.


1849-08-10: Balto. Sun, 10 Aug. 1849, p. 2: (Dr. Galloway of Texas had to amputate both legs of a brakemen whose legs were nearly sevvered by a train.)


1850-06-01: 1850 US Census, 1st District, Balto. Co., MD, 19 Nov. 1850

Thos. Gallaway, 52, M, Farmer, 30,000, [MD]

John [Gallaway] M.D., 27, M, Physician, [MD]

Aquilla [Gallaway], 24, M, Limeburner, [MD]

Ann [Gallaway], 18, F, [MD]

Ann [Gallaway], 75, F, [MD]

Mary Barns, 22, F, Ireland

Michael Brady, 23, M, Labourer, Ireland

Henry Gill, 19, M, B[lack], [Labourer], MD

Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: District 1, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M432_280; Page: 446A; Image: 497.  ( image)

{Note: Richard Clark and family are on the next page.}


1853-04-09: Balto. Sun, 9 Apr. 1853, p. 1: “Thomas Galloway, Esq., of Texas, Baltimore county, was seriously injured by being thrown from his horse one day this week.”


1853-07-30: Balto. Sun, 30 Jul. 1853, p. 4, under AFFAIRS IN BALTIMORE COUNTY:

   Store Robbed, and Horse Stolen.—On Thursday night last the store of Mr. Aquilla Galloway, on the turnpike, at Texas, was entered and robbed of goods to the value of about one hundred dollars.  On the same night a horse, the property of Mr. Saml Collings, who resides at the Ten Mile House, was stolen.


1854-05-27: Balto. Sun, 27 May 1854, p. 1: “AFFAIRS IN BALTIMORE COUNTY.—We copy the following from the County Advocate:” ...

  Texas.—There has been considerable excitement among the laborers in Texas for some time past.  A handbill was posted up about two weeks ago, warning strangers from coming there to work, on peril of their lives; the hands there, endeavoring in this way, to bring the employers to their terms.  One day last week a “strange” man went to work for Fell & Robinson; the same night he was caught and badly beaten by some persons.” ...

  “Accident.—Wesley Green had his leg broken at the lime quarries of Thomas Galloway, Esq., in Texas, on Wednesday, by a cart passing over it.”


1857-09-14: Balto. Sun, 14 Sep. 1857, p. 1:

   Accident from the Cars.—On Friday evening last a lad eight years of age, and son of Owen Gooding, of Texas, Baltimore county, fell from a car of the way train at that place, on the Northern Central Railway, and received a horrible mutilation of the right arm.  The accident occurred while the attendants at the station were engaged in shifting the cars from the different switches.—The lad injured, among others, got upon the train, and whilst jumping from one car to another, he fell with his right arm lengthwise upon the track.  The wheel passed over his arm, crushing it from the hand to the shoulder.  He was instantly extricated, and taken to the office of Dr. John Galloway, who took the injured member off near the shoulder joint.  The sufferer was much exhausted by loss of blood, but he now lies at the residence of his parents in an improved condition.


1858-09-09: Balto. Sun, 9 Sep. 1858, p. 1, under Local Matters:

Burned to Death.—A woman belonging to John Cockey, Esq., and in the employ of Dr. John Galloway, near Texas, Baltimore county, was so terribly burned by her clothes taking fire on Sunday night last that she died on the Monday following.  The family were absent visiting a neighbors when the woman attempted to trim an etherial oil lamp, which exploded, throwing the fluid over her person and setting her clothes on fire.  She ran from the house shrieking across the [fie]lds in the direction of a tenant house, but fell [in a] field a short distance from the house, her [clothes] almost entirely burnt from her person.—[She was] discovered and properly cared for until [she death] released her from her intense suffering.—[The ap]artment where the accident occurred was [   ], and the carpet and furniture damaged.


1860-06-01: 1860 US Census, 8th District, Balto. Co., MD, P.O.: Cockeysville, 29 Jul. 1860

Thomas Galloway, 61, M, Farmer, 11,000, 1,000, [MD]

Martha [Galloway], 53, F, [MD]

Annie [Galloway], 30, F, [MD]

Georgeana [Galloway], 5, F, [MD]

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: District 8, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M653_468; Page: 383; Image: 388; Family History Library Film: 803468.  ( image)


1860-06-01b: 1860 US Census, District 8, Baltimore Co., MD (P.O.: Cockeysville), 1 Aug. 1860

John Galloway, 34, M, Physician, $10,000 R.E., $1000 P.E., MD

Margaret [Galloway], 25, F, MD

Joseph B. [Galloway], 6, M, MD

Thomas [Galloway], 4, M, MD

William [Galloway], 2, M, MD

Elizabeth Marshal, 50, F, Servant, PA

Augustus Clarke, 15, M, Laborer, MD

Michael [Clarke], 18, M, [Laborer], Ireland

Lucy Berry, 16, F, Black, Cook, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: District 8, Baltimore  Maryland; Roll: M653_468; Page: 403; Image: 408; Family History Library Film: 803468.  ( image)


1860-06-01c: 1860 US Census, District 8, Baltimore Co., MD (P.O.: Cockeysville), 29 Jul. 1860

Aquilla Galloway, 31, M, Lime Burner, $400 P.E., MD

Mary E. [Galloway], 26, F, MD

Thomas [Galloway], 7, M, MD

John [Galloway], 4, M, MD

Ballard [Galloway], 2, M, MD

Allen [Galloway], 4/12, MD

William Gorsuch, 12, M, MD

Mary Burns, 25, F, Domestic, Ireland

Rachel Davall, 12, F, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: District 8, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M653_468; Page: 386; Image: 391; Family History Library Film: 803468.  ( image)


1862-04-24: Balto. Sun, 24 Apr. 1862, p. 3: “FOUND—On the Northern Central Railroad, a GOLD WATCH, in a damaged state, which the owner can have by describing it and paying for this advertisement.  Apply at Timonium, or address me at Lutherville P.O., Baltimore co., Md.     THOMAS GALLOWAY.”


1862-11-29: Balto. Sun, 29 Nov. 1862, p. 3: “TAKEN UP ESTRAY, on the 22d instant, a large spotted SOW.  The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take it away.  THOMAS GALLOWAY, 10 miles on the Northern Central Railway.”


1866-05-29: Balto. Sun, 29 May 1866, p. 3:

FOR SALE—A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, 11½ miles from the city, on the York turnpike, with 80 acres of Land.  The Improvements are a large DWELLING; Barn 60 by 52 feet; Farm house, Dairy, Ice house [ ]ed, and all necessary outbuildings.—There are two Apple Orchards and one Peach Orchard, with Pears, Cherries, Grapes, &c.  The dwelling is high and healthy, and commands a fine view of the country and Northern Central Railway, and is within ten minutes’ walk of the railroad station.  For particulars apply to Dr. JOHN GALLOWAY, on the premises, or by letter, at Lutherville Post-office, Baltimore county, Md.


1868-06-12: Balto. Sun, 12 Jun. 1868, p. 4, under Proceedings of the Courts:

CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE COUNTY.—Judge Yellott.—Wm. S. Keech, Esq., State’s Attorney.—Towsontown, June 11th, 1868.—The case of Rebecca J. Cross vs. John Galloway.  On trial all day.


1870_06-01: 1870 US Census, District 8, Balto. Co., MD (P.O.: Lutherville), 12 Aug. 1870

Dwelling no. 324:

Galoway, Thomas, 50, M, W, Farmer, $20860 R.E., $1000 P. E., MD, vote

[Galoway], Martha, 50, F, W, MD

Sweeney, Mary, 60, F, W, cook, MD

Johnson, Susie, 15, F, W, as of family, MD

Dwelling no. 325:

Galoway, Aquila, 45, M, W, Laborer, $1000 P.E., MD, vote

[Galoway], Mary E., 37, F, W, Keeping House, MD

[Galoway], Thomas, 17, M, W, MD, school

[Galoway], John, 14, M., W, MD, school

[Galoway], Ballerd, 12, M, W, MD, school

[Galoway], Frank, 10, M, W, MD, school

[Galoway], Joseph, 5, M, W, MD

[Galoway], Maggie, 8, F, W, MD

[Galoway], Mary, 2, F, W, MD

Brown, Patsie, 28, F, B, Cook, MD

[Brown], Wm, 2, M, B, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: District 8, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M593_569; Page: 400A; Image: 801; Family History Library Film: 552068. ( image)


1870_06-01: 1870 US Census, Texas, District 8, Balto. Co., MD (P.O.: Ellen Gowan), 27 Aug. 1870

Galoway, John, 45, M, W, Physician, $9500 R.R., $1500 P.E., MD, vote

[Galoway], Rebecca, 35, F, W, Keeping House, [MD]

[Galoway], Joseph, 16, M, W, [MD], school

[Galoway], Thomas, 14, M, W, [MD], school

[Galoway], Wm, 11, M, W, [MD], school

Ward, Thomas, 50, M, W, Laborer, Ireland, vote

Winn, Margaret, 20, F, W, Cook, [Ireland]

Cockey, Michelson, 29, M, W, Laborer, MD, vote

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Texas, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M593_569; Page: 442B; Image: 886; Family History Library Film: 552068.  ( image)


1871-09-02: Balto. Sun, 2 Sep. 1871, p. 4, under Maryland Affairs / Baltimore County:

[From the Towsontown Journal.]  Purchase of Another Almshouse Property.—The title to the property recently bargained for between the county commissioners of this county and Mr. Wm. Parks, being unsatisfactory to the commissioners, they have agreed to purchase the property of Dr. John Galloway, near the York turnpike and opposite Texas, distant from the station a little over half a mile.—It is a beautiful situation, commanding a fine view of the entire valley.  The tract contains 79½ acres, and is improved by a fine dwelling erected by Dr. Galloway at considerable cost, a fine large barn, ice-houses, spring-houses, &c., all in good condition.  There is also upon the place fine apple and peach orchards, extensive springs of pure water sufficient for all purposes, stone, lime and sand convenient.  The price paid was $12,000.  It is the intention of the commissioners to proceed at once to erect such buildings as the wants of the county demand.


1872-06-29: Balto. Sun, 29 Jun. 1872, p. 2: “GALLOWAY.—Departed this life, on Thursday, June 27th, at one o’clock, THOMAS GALLOWAY, in the 74th year of his age.

  His funeral will take place this (Saturday) morning, at ten o’clock, from the home place, Timonium, Baltimore county.  The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend.”


1879-09-25: Tombstone, Aquila Galloway, b. 28 Apr. 1826, d. 25 Sep. 1879, Sherwood Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cockeysville, MD, Find A Grave memorial # 18332659.


1880-06-01a: 1880 US Census, Timonium, Baltimore Co., MD, 21 Jun. 1880

Golloway (Galloway), John, W, M, 56, widower, Physician, MD, MD, MD

[Golloway], Thomas, W, M, 23,, single, Farmer, MD, MD, MD

Sanders, George, B, M, 14, single, Waiter, MD, MD, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Timonium, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: 495; Family History Film: 1254495; Page: 87D; Enumeration District: 239; Image: 0821.  ( image)


1880-06-01b: 1880 US Census, District 8, Baltimore Co., MD, 26 Jun. 1880

Galloway, Mary E., W, F, 47, Head, widow, Farming, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Ballard (P)?, W, M, 21, Son, single, Farming, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Frank R., W, M, 17, Son, single, At School, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Maggie B., W, F, 15, Daughter, single, At School, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Joseph, W, M, 13, Son, single, At School, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Mary E., W, F, 11, Daughter, single, At School, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Aquilla, W, M, 9, Son, single, At Home, MD, MD, MD

[Galloway], Clarence (G)?, W, M, 7, single, At Home, MD, MD, MD

Kelley, Joseph, W, M, 80, Farther, widower, Boarder, MD, MD, MD

Johnson, Aquilla, B, M, 54, Labour, single, Labour, MD, MD, MD

Murrey, Mary, W, F, 30, Servant, single, Servant, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: District 8, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: 496; Family History Film: 1254496; Page: 113D; Enumeration District: 240; Image: 0029.  ( image)


1880-12-20: Balto. Sun, p. 2, under DIED:

GALLOWAY.—On Saturday, December 18, at his residence, near Timonium, Baltimore county, Dr. JOHN GALLOWAY, in the 58th year of his age.

   Relatives and friends are requested to attend his funeral, on this (Monday) morning, at ten o’clock.  Interment at St. Joseph’s Church, Texas, Baltimore county, Md.


1890-07-29: Balto. Sun, supplement p. 2:

THRIVING SUBURBS. / Persons Who Live Along the Northern Central Railway. / FROM COCKEYSVILLE TO PARKTON. / Cultivated Farms, Fine Stock and Comfortable Homes—Large Shipments of Milk to Baltimore—Marble Quarry and the Sherwood Distillery. / After leaving Lutherville, on the Northern Central Railway, the next point of prominence as a suburban place of residence is Cockeysville, which is about 14 miles from Baltimore.  After Cockeysville is reached the number of local trains is decreased from 18 daily each way to 11.  This last number, however, gives very good railroad service, and affords the many residents along the line from Cockeysville to Parkton, 25 miles from Baltimore, ample opportunity to reach or leave the city at convenient hours.  Timonium is the next station north of Lutherville, but it is chiefly noted as being the fairgrounds of the Baltimore Agriculutral Society.  There are but few residents in the neighborhood who use the railroad to any great extent.  Texas is the only other station between Lutherville and Cockeysville.  It is the great lime-burning centre of Baltimore county.  Vincent T. Shipley, Martin Kennedy, James J. and William Lindsay, Thomas Ward, John Galloway, the Ideal Stone and Lime Company and John J. Kelly are engaged in the business, and they use Texas station as a place for getting on and off the cars.  Others who use this station are Thomas Bussey, Harry Bussey, John T. Shea, Michael F. Connor, chief clerk and auditor of the Baltimore county commissioners, and Martin J. O’Hara, an attache of the county clerk’s office.

COCKEYSVILLE AND ITS VICINITY. / ..... (etc., etc. etc.)


1905-12-13: Death certificate, Annie E. Clark, died 13 Dec. 1905, at her residence, 1213 Patterson Ave., lived in Balto. 40 years, female, white, b. May, age 70, b. Balto. Co.; Father: Thomas Galloway, b. America; Mother: Betsy Clark, b. American; occupation: Housework, informant: Henry Clark, 1213 Patterson Ave., bur. Loudon Park, 16 Dec. 1905.  Source: Maryland State Archives, Balto. City deatch certificates, no. B 85483.


1905-12-13b: Find A Grave memorial# 81130519, Annie E. Clark, b. 18 May 1835, d. 13 Dec. 1905, and Mary E. Clark, only child of H & A. E. Clark, aged 4 mo’s & 10 dy’s.  Memorial# 81130616, (other side), Henry Clark, b. 14 Feb. 1838, d. 14 Aug. 1908.